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DIY How To Make Amazing ‘All-Natural’ WD-40

There are certain products that have reached the point of fame where their brand name is commonly used as the generic name for the product. Kleenex, Band-Aid, Jell-O and Scotch tape are a few examples. Another one, maybe not quite as iconic, is WD-40.

WD-40 is actually the trademark name of a lubricating spray created in 1953. The WD in WD-40 stands for water-displacing spray, and the “40” stands for how many attempts it took to come up with a successful formula…..

How To Make Amazing ‘All-Natural’ WD-40

The Best Vegetarian Chili EVER!


It’s got the smokiness of traditional meat chilis, but is much healthier and vegetarian friendly…

The Best Vegetarian Chili EVER!

Make it with your own Three Bean variety. I used Kidney Beans, Black Beans, & Pink Beans. Plus made it more spicier 😉

Make double the Recipe, for Chili taste better the next day.


Recipe: Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

Making Apple Cider Vinegar is easy, inexpensive and healthy – Here you will find out how! As the water, sugar and apple scraps ferment in a dark closet, you will begin to smell the vinegar forming at about 6 weeks. I start “taste testing” the mixture at about 5 weeks – When it reaches the strength you like, strain the cores and peels off and bottle – It’s that easy!

Why buy when homemade is cheaper & Healthier. Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother is practicing Preventative Medicine. Take a tablespoon everyday & don’t get sick!


Recipe: Homemade Ketchup With Honey


I loved the ease of making our own ketchup and that I could control the ingredients and I was excited to share the recipe I used….


Make Your Own Ketchup today! Using sugar instead of honey is still more healthier then store bought ketchup.





Recipe: Homemade Makeup Remover

There are plenty of makeup removers out there to choose from. But why buy when you can DIY?!

The Battle of the Homemade Eye Makeup Removers (and the Winner!)….


Make Remover is Costly & Unhealthy. Start Making your own natural products & save money & body.