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Creepy Notice In Fine Print Of New “SmartTV” Allows Them To Do This!

The “privacy policy” for Samsung’s new Internet-connected Smart TV says that you basically don’t have any privacy. In clear language, the policy states that the voice recognition software in the device could actually send personal and sensitive information to unnamed third parties.

If Smart TV’s and other voice recognition devices must be turned on with voice commands, this means that the devices are always listening, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Reading the fine print on the company’s website, you fill find the following notice in the voice recognition section…

Creepy Notice In Fine Print Of New “SmartTV” Allows Them To Do This!


New Barbie Will Talk With Children, Record Their Conversations And Send It To Researchers

A new toy called “Hello Barbie” will have conversations with children, record those conversations and send it to servers where it will get analyzed!

The new Hello Barbie is actually specifically designed to store the conversations that it has with the children, so it can then be analyzed by a team of researchers who will make the toy’s responses more complex.

Whatever we come away with as our first blush attempt at the conversations, we’ll see what kids want to talk about or not. We’ll take our honest best guess at that and then see what comes back, and then that will change and evolve over time as those conversations happen between individual children and Barbie dolls,” Oren Jacob, CEO of ToyTalk said in a recent statement.

However, security experts have raised concerns about how else that information could be used.

Music: Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer – Ella Fitzgerald

Obscure novelty song by Ella Fitzgerald from 1951. “Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer”.
78rpm record played on a Dual CS-5000 Turntable.

Rare Song sung by wonderful Ella Fitzgerald. Recorded in 1951, this shows how much has Times Not Changed.  😉


“Turn Your Camera Off” …. “No, F**k You!”

In what is probably the most educating 30 seconds you will spend today, a man drives by an accident scene in Kentucky with his camera recording, only to be ordered to turn his camera off.

The driver immediately tells him, “no, fuck you,” and keeps driving.

The video was posted today on Live Leak with the following description:

I was on my way home from work and saw a pickup upside down and decided to film it as we passed. No one was hurt in this accident. Right to film in public and freedom of speech are both used in this video lol.

While it’s not the most courteous response, it’s even more discourteous to use a position of authority to bark an unlawful order….


Stand Up for your rights & Record, & tell them F**k You!



U.S. weighs in favor of right to record police

The Justice Department is urging a court to affirm individuals’ rights to record police under the First Amendment, filing a statement of interest in support of a journalist suing over his arrest while photographing Maryland officers.

In the statement filed this week in a federal court in Maryland, the Justice Department argues that not only do individuals have a First Amendment right to record officers publicly doing their duties, they also have Fourth and 14th Amendment rights protecting them from having those recordings seized without a warrant or due process. The DOJ urges the court to uphold these rights and to reject a motion to dismiss from Montgomery Co. in Garcia v. Montgomery Co., a case that has implications for an increasing crop of litigation on the subject in the era of ubiquitous smartphones.

“The United States is concerned that discretionary charges, such as disorderly conduct, loitering, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, are all too easily used to curtail expressive conduct or retaliate against individuals for exercising their First Amendment rights. … Core First Amendment conduct, such as recording a police officer performing duties on a public street, cannot be the sole basis for such charges,” wrote the DOJ Civil Rights Division….



So America, Get your Camera On! Record the injustices committed.


DARPA scientists want to create database of all conversations

Your digital footprint could be getting a whole lot bigger: Pentagon scientists are searching for a way to transcribe every real-world conversation that happens into computer-readable files.

Robert Beckhusen of Wired’s Danger Room says it wouldn’t be unlike a real-life Twitter feed or an “email archive for everyday speak.”

“Imagine living in a world where every errant utterance you make is preserved together,” Beckhusen writes in an article this week that explores a Defense Department project that’s been undertaken by its Darpa laboratories and is now in the hands of a University of Texas computer scientists named Matt Lease.

Least has received a few hundred thousand dollars from Darpa — the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — to help find a way to take cell phone conversations, board room meetings and every miniscule real world back-and-forth and have them digitalized…..


When they can record  your internet Traffic, what shows you watch, & how much power you use, now they need your phone call conversations.

Its only fair :/


Waiting for a mate, speed camera operator edition: Police Breakin Law

Yep, just waiting for a mate…

Law Enforcement are NOT exempt from the Law! They must Serve & Protect the People & Uphold The Constitution.

Police should lead by example & not claim nor act like they are above the law.