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Secret Police Gadget Tracks Phones?

A powerful new surveillance tool being adopted by police departments across the country comes with an unusual requirement: To buy it, law enforcement officials must sign a nondisclosure agreement preventing them from saying almost anything about the technology.

Any disclosure about the technology, which tracks cellphones and is often called StingRay, could allow criminals and terrorists to circumvent it, the F.B.I. has said in an affidavit. But the tool is adopted in such secrecy that communities are not always sure what they are buying or whether the technology could raise serious privacy concerns…..

A Police Gadget Tracks Phones? Shhh! It’s Secret

Why is it a secret that human giants have existed?

For some years now we have had proof that human giants have existed; so why is it so hard to learn about this? Why do the encyclopaedias still tell us that giants are only mythological fantasies and that gigantism only is a disease? And why do archaeologists warn me that my research on giants can be dangerous?

Two of the world’s most renowned researchers on ancient human species, Abesalom Vekua and Lee Berger, are sure that we humans have been through a period of gigantism. But even if they can show the fossils of giant bones this is still not accepted by the majority of the mainstream scientists – and in encyclopaedias we will read that human giants are just myths or results of a disease. Why? Is this supposed to be a secret?

Why is it a secret that human giants have existed?

Google is keeping everyone guessing over mysterious floating barge

The search giant refuses to confirm it owns the four-storey structure

Four storeys tall, 250ft long and 72ft wide, there’s little doubt that Google’s latest idea is a big one.

The only problem: nobody knows what it is yet.

The mysterious structure, swaddled in scaffolding and floating on a vast barge in San Francisco Bay, is composed of shipping containers welded together, painted white with several narrow slits for windows and topped with 12 spires that may be antennae….

Google is keeping everyone guessing over mystery barge floating in San Francisco Bay

Are these floating Data Collecting platforms? Can they be used to float near a location, tap into their network, & then spy on its traffic? Are they portable servers that can be used during disaster, be it man made or nature? How can a company have the power to force the Coast Guard to sign non-disclosure agreements?

Today be it in secret or plain sight, corporations have absolute powers & rights that supersede the average citizen. Like a snake coiled around the Governments neck, whispering in the ear exactly what they want them to say.