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New Barbie Will Talk With Children, Record Their Conversations And Send It To Researchers

A new toy called “Hello Barbie” will have conversations with children, record those conversations and send it to servers where it will get analyzed!

The new Hello Barbie is actually specifically designed to store the conversations that it has with the children, so it can then be analyzed by a team of researchers who will make the toy’s responses more complex.

Whatever we come away with as our first blush attempt at the conversations, we’ll see what kids want to talk about or not. We’ll take our honest best guess at that and then see what comes back, and then that will change and evolve over time as those conversations happen between individual children and Barbie dolls,” Oren Jacob, CEO of ToyTalk said in a recent statement.

However, security experts have raised concerns about how else that information could be used.

A Higher Conscious Conversation

What highly conscious people talk about.
From the film My Dinner With Andre.


A conversation to Open the Mind. When was the last time you were out, and had a intelligent conversation.

Nowadays its “Uncool” to talk about the world, politics, Believes.

Intelligent communication must return.