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Zeitgeist Day (ZDay) 2014 Review with Abby Martin, Ben McLeish

Thanks to Abby at “Breaking the Set!”

About Zday:
“Zeitgeist Day”, or Zday for short, is an annual, global event day which occurs in the middle of March, each year. The goal is to increase public awareness of The Zeitgeist Movement.

The first official “Zday” took place in 2009. These events were well documented by news agencies across the world, including the New York Times in America. An archive list of those events can be found on the zdayglobal.org site.

On the 2010 Zday there were hundreds of sympathetic events occurred in over 70 countries worldwide. These events were well documented by news agencies across the world, including the Huffington Post in America. More press/info can be found at zday2010.org

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The Covert Operations for Human Mind Control

Readers probably are familiar with the colloquialism, “Money is the root of all evil.” Well, that ought to be set aside, if not abandoned totally, for the new—and insanely insidious—root of all evil, mind control technology! Don’t believe that? Well, please cut this writer some slack and plod through the information that will be divulged. It’s due to the excellent work of Deborah Tavares, the investigative journalist extraordinaire at StopTheCrime.Net. In the Resources section below, I’ve posted a link to some of Deborah’s online interviews, which are very telling, to say the least.

One of Stop the Crime’s [STC] releases of documents, which previously were unavailable, is labeled “Planned Chemical ‘Sedation’ of the Population – Radio Microwave Frequencies for Mass Mind Control [PCSP].”

It refers to the “Aquarius Group Operation Briefing.”

In the STC introduction page, however, this is pointed out about the PCSP:
Note: Page 1 – Electro-magnetic, Radio Wave, and Micro-wave Pulse/Mind Warfare has great advantages in that a desired subject or population has no knowledge of the procedure being implemented. [1, Pg.1]

That may have been the case when the PCSP was first released [probably early 1980s?], but by now, every-day-citizens undoubtedly realize they are fully involved due to their fascination with technology, especially cell phones, smart phones, interactive games and devices, and other newer devices like Samsung TVs that can transmit viewers’ conversations out of the house to “who knows whom and why?” Not knowing the exact original release date of PCSP, we probably will find this information on the STC introduction extremely revealing….

The Covert Operations for Human Mind Control

Is Alien Technology Here? | Interview Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project

Abby Martin talks to UFOologist Dr. Steven Greer about his work with the Disclosure Project, an organization that has collected testimonies from over one hundred US government officials concerning the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

Abby Martin Exposes the greatest government secret that exist. The fact that we are Not alone.

The day the Technology gets release to the public The People we be set Free.


New Wi-Fi Technology Can Track You Through Walls

One of the hallmarks of technology is dual-use capability. It is for this reason that we are softened up with all of the benefits, before being introduced to the darker side. Technology has always been a double-edged sword, but we are witnessing a closure in the gap between good and bad as technology is now advancing at a much higher rate of speed in tandem with a growing global police state.

A few months ago, I remember seeing a story about how a new microwave device could see through rubble to detect the beating heart of people trapped under a collapsed building. I immediately thought, wow that’s a good thing … ohhhh, wait a minute. Seeing through rubble; isn’t that the same as seeing through walls?

And here comes the dark side…..

New Wi-Fi Technology Can Track You Through Walls

If radiation from Wi-Fi was not dangerous enough, now they plan to direct Wi-Fi rays directly at moving objects, better known as pets & people. It may be a small amount of expousure, but that is over a long period of time, which we do not know the long term effects.


Top 5 Mind Blowing Weapons Police Use on Protestors

Abby Martin and Manuel Rapalo highlight a few of the most disturbing crowd control gadgets used by militarized police on protestors across the country.

Abby Martin and Manuel Rapalo exposing the weapons used against Protesters & Citizens of their own country.

Excellent reporting!


WIFI & Microwave Dangers: Former MI5 Microwave Warfare Specialist Speaks Out

Barrie Trower is a British physicist and former microwave weapons expert for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service. During the 1960′s, he was trained at the “Government Microwave Warfare Establishment”.

Barrie talks about the dangers of our wireless society and explains the technology behind it – what this technology is used for in society today and its potential uses in the future.

Know the dangers of WiFi & Microwaves

Convenience is at your Health expense. Is it worth it? The Corporations & Government that build these devices believe so.

Now ask yourself; Do they care about You & your Love One’s?


Clear Evidence Of Ancient Advanced Machining At The Great Pyramid In Egypt

Click HERE: http://www.megalithomania.co.uk/peru2… to join me and Megalithomania on a unique tour around Peru and Bolivia in October/November 2013 where we will be comparing Egyptian and Peruvian megalithic technology, plus visiting all the major sites, temples and museums. Click above for details


More and more proof of Advance Ancient Technology humans actually contained. Where has all this technology gone? Why has it been forgotten? Why is the truth being suppressed?

Demand the Truth & Know the Facts!