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11 Facts That Show Pro-Vaccine Propaganda In Action

Do pharmaceutical companies believe in their product?


They believe in money and power – they answer only to their stock holders. If they believed in their products, they wouldn’t require legal protection from their product harming children through Public Law 99-660 (the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986). Furthermore, they wouldn’t need to force parents to vaccinate their child through mandates (that’s why you need an exemption).

I preface this article with the following, because Big Pharma and the pro-vaccine lobby know their ship is sinking. Parents are investigating vaccines and asking doctors questions they cannot answer in record numbers, which is shooting holes in Pharma’s bottom line.

How do you plug up these holes to stop the ship from sinking? The answer is quite simple: copy what parents are doing in the anti-vaccine movement. ….

6 Dirty Tricks Being Used to Vaccinate Your Child

A recent report has stated that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (the foundation with more money than sense), has plowed $100,000 into the development of small pink and blue silicon bracelets to remind mothers living in developing countries that is time for their child to be vaccinated.

According to Change Generation, children require twenty vaccinations by the time they are four to keep fit and healthy. Each bracelet has a series of numbers representing the months of the year and a series of symbols representing the vaccinations required….

6 Dirty Tricks Being Used to Vaccinate Your Child

Vaccination is the latest Money making blitz the Pharmaceutical Companies are driving into the Public’s veins.

Be aware of the unnecessary campaigns promoting givng children more Vaccines that they have ever needed before. Forget about the Side effects, chemicals & carcinogens used to make these Vaccines. Poison in a shot.

If you did not need it as a child, neither does your child today.