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Big Oil Runs the World, Hateful Tweeter vs. Anti-War Leader, Truth about Bohemian Grove

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Big Oil, Hateful Tweets, & Bohemian Grove


Abby Martin, a World leading Journalist.

George Galloway on Gay Rights and Hugo Chavez | Oxford Union

George Galloway shows his stance on Gay Rights and Hugo Chavez in response to a student who refers to him as a

I have one question to ask that Ignorant Boy.

Can he sit down, shut up, listen, & learn?

Mr. Galloway, a Hero fighting for Your Rights!


Bitcoin currency, Hugo Chavez myths, Latin American socialism

Abby Martin talks to Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report, about the global economy and the growing popularity of the decentralized digital currency known as the Bitcoin. Abby then breaks through the veil of myths surrounding Venezuela’s late Hugo Chavez, highlighting the criticisms and achievements of his 14-year presidency. Lastly, an interview with Jamila Aisha Brown, global strategist with HUE Global, about the potential ripple effects following the death of Chavez on the political landscape of Latin America.



Ms. Abby Martin again Exposing the Truth by Breaking the Set!


Hugo Chavez: What the Mainstream is Hiding

On March 5th, 2013 Hugo Chavez died Cancer. This event is going to radically shift the balance of power in Latin America and the Caribbean but not for the reasons that you are being told on the mainstream media.

During his 14 years as president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez was a highly controversial figure. However most of this controversy was intentionally distorted and was designed to distract from the real geopolitical stakes in that region.

The official line used by the main stream media and the U.S. government to smear Chavez has been to attack his social programs and other domestic policies, however when viewed in context it should be obvious that this is not the real reason his administration has been targeted so many times over the years….



Chavez’s Dream will not be Forgotten.


Hugo Chavez – The Revolution will not be Televised Documentary

A journalist follows the democratically-elected President of Venezuela as he survives a CIA sponsored coup attempt.

Hugo Chavez – The Revolution will not be Televised 1/4

Hugo Chavez – The Revolution will not be Televised 2/4

Hugo Chavez – The Revolution will not be Televised 3/4

Hugo Chavez – The Revolution will not be Televised 4/4

Learn how the Power of the People is Stronger then an Empire.

Chavez will Not be forgotten.