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Happy Cows, getting a second chance at Life

After the winter season this cow-herd (included some young children-cows, which are not jet started to give milk, and never need to, and one bull) are coming out to the open field again. At this moment, is is a few months ago, that there are saved from saughterhouse by the neigbourhood. Usually, cows are happy when they get out in spring, but these cows are happier than the avarage “milkcow” (they have no more stress in their live, from giving milk until their body is leached out, or from losing their childern) and you can feel their special happiness in the video.

VIDEO: Cop Shoots & Kills Service Dog During Child’s Birthday Party

A 9-year-old Idaho boy did not expect to lose his family pet while he was celebrating his birthday at his family’s home — but that’s just what happened…..

 Now the people are in fear of the Police killing their family pets. This was even a service dog trained to help the Birthday Boy with Parkinson’s.
 Cops no longer know how to control a situation, but they know how to use deadly force. Is that proper use of tax payers money & is that proper police training?