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Feds Says Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine

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For those who believe in marijuana and cannabis freedom, the future has never been brighter. Right now there is an awakening to the benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes, specifically something called CBD oil. But is the new CBD craze being manipulated by media and politicians? If it weren’t we wouldn’t need to do a show about it.

Funny – Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time

We found three grandmas who had never smoked pot and gave them an opportunity to try it for the first time. Then we gave them snacks and had them play cards against humanity.

Yo the Grandma said, “they had their Cigarettes.”

If these Lovely Ladies can handle it, opponents have no ship to float on?


10 Biggest Pot Myths, Debunked by Science

Medical cannabis opponents are fond of promoting many myths and misconceptions about the herb. Here are the facts.

1. Medical cannabis is too dangerous to recommend as a medicine

The cannabis plant and its biologically active constituents, known as cannabinoids, possess an impressive safety profile compared to other conventional therapeutic agents. According to the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine, marijuana possesses an estimated dependence liability of less than ten percent. (Others have acknowledged that pot’s true dependence potential is likely even lower.) This percentage is approximately the same as anxiolytic drugs like Xanax and Valium and far lower than that of many other licit prescription drugs or recreational substances, like alcohol (15 percent) and tobacco (32 percent)…..

10 Biggest Pot Myths, Debunked by Science



Weed Could Block H.I.V.’s Spread. No, Seriously.

Weed Could Block H.I.V.’s Spread. No, Seriously.
But the U.S. government won’t let scientists try out this promising treatment on humans.

On a warm summer day in Chicago at the International Cannabinoid Research Conference, hundreds of marijuana researchers were giggling.

It wasn’t the groundbreaking research they’d just heard—proving the ability of THC, one of the active ingredients in marijuana, to stave off HIV (or RIV in monkeys)—that did it. Nor was it the author of the study, Dr. Patricia E. Molina, who had them laughing. It was the rogue researcher daring enough to taint the victory with a harsh dose of reality: “What’s next, testing this on humans?”….

Weed Could Block H.I.V.’s Spread. No, Seriously.

The Flower that is Prohibited

The Animation was made by me in blender C4D and After effects I used copyright free sounds and you may use this video if you put a link to my channel.

The Flower contrasts a utopian society that freely farms and consumes a pleasure giving flower with a society where the same flower is illegal and its consumption is prohibited. The animation is a meditation on the social and economic costs of marijuana prohibition.

Here is a ppicture that i got off of norml.org that shows how much revenue that our country can get if we legalize weed then sell it with a tax it will bring us out of the deppresion and boost our economy.

If it can be used to provide Clean & Cheap Biodegradable Plastic, Oil, Flour, Cloths, Rubber, & natural Health Remedies (Plus much more), you must understand why Governments & Corporations when Marijuana prohibited. Control is in what they can take away from you. Freedom of choice is a right all Citizens should have.