About Newzaholic.com

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Newzaholic.com here to Open Minds, & give fellow Newzaholics the Fix They Need.

What is a Newzaholic?


– Addicted to News, Information, & Facts

– Knows Mainstream Media is full of S**t

– Believes after the Facts Learned, Not because, “They tell you so.”

– Hunts to see behind the Veil, Curtain, Wall, Screen, Cloud, & Fog of War

– Never denies Information when it is followed with Truth, Sources, & Facts

– All-ways Ask & wants to know “Why?”

– Withdraw symptoms common after a day of no News, or Information 🙂

– Can never get enough Truth!

– Does not go with the Flow, but goes with what They Know!

WAKE UP PEOPLE! This is just beginning. Were here to learn and grow. Improve our souls for the next step. This is gonna be a fun ride, but make sure Your in the Driver Seat!



Feb 5 2013 (Day 1)

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