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I Dare You to open your mind, see the whole story, explore the truth, & try something new

How to Fight and Win against the Corporatocracy | Call to Action


Stand UP with Abby Martin & take back your Community’s Resources. Community Resources belong to the People of that Community & no one else.

Corporations coming in claiming they want to bring prosperity it is not a lie. They Prosper well indeed, leaving ashed, dry, & contaminated land in their wake.


Is It Really News?

In the Information Age, what kind of “news” is the American public truly interested in?

Realize, if the News spews 15 minutes of mindless Info about some “Pop Star”; That is 15 minutes Less Actual news they are Providing you. Leaving Viewers Less informed about their community & the world around them.

I DARE YOU to see all sides of the stories & search for the Facts.

 Ignorance is Not Bliss, Its just Plain Ignorance,



What we take from this beautiful story is that we started with Love, but now we have Hatred, Sadness & Broken Families.

Is it worth it all?

Demand to Bring Sons & Daughters Home! I DARE YOU!

Its not to late. We can live in peace, but only when the people demand the end to Bloodshed, Greed, Waste, Control & Lies.


An Open Message to Barack Obama

The Mainstream Media is apart of the Problem & Fueling the Obama (Bush 2.0) War Rhetoric.

The problem is The People are not listening to their Bullshit anymore.

Take a Stand & Demand the Truth!

I dare You!


The 9/11 Truth vs.The BBC Court Case

From Julian Rose: The interveiw sequence in this needs to be heard by as many as possible. Powerful activism from the top drawer. Inspiration for others to do similar deeds.
Bring the ‘status quo’ house of cards down by a controlled activist demolition job!…..

The British People are demanding Truth from their Media & Government.

It is time You Demand a New Investigation into 911.

I DARE YOU, to Demand the Truth!

The truth will set the People Free.


Mental Cases – Just a average guys thought on the real mental cases

Another great take down by Sir Peaksalot.

So next time your with someone ignorant, ask them, “Whats in your Case?” :/

I Dare You

Their Scared that We are Not Scared 🙂

Said it Before, Ignorance is just Ignorance, not bliss. Their just to Ignorant to see it.